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KRT(ACW Aug10)
The Sudanese Multi-modal forwarder Fady Express Cargo services helped facilitate the presidential & parliamentary elections in the country by transporting 43,695 pallet boxes necessary for voting to take place.The boces weighting a total of 171.3 tonnes , were flown from Toronto to Khartoum in February. Fady Express Cargo Services carried out customs clearance ,repacking & transportation within Sudan of the 602 pallets required. It trucked 138 pallets to a warehouse in the capital ,loading the rest onto eight charters (four opearted by AN-12 aircraft and four by IL-76s) bound for Juba in the south of the country. The company owner Mr Fady Farouk ,noted :''the major challenge was to find charter flights from Khartoum to Juba ,especially with the huge volume of commercial cargoes going to other cities making few aircraft available within the deadline for delivery."
Mr Fady Farouk the GM for Fady Express Cargo Sevices announces the Opening of his new branch in Egypt.Mr Farouk noted that the importance of having Fady Express branch in Egypt will play an important impact on his company future.This was due to the huge demands of cargo services that bonds both Sudan and Egypt.
Fady Express Cargo Services announces the establishment of it's new office in Juba ,South Sudan (The World's Newest Country).
Welcome to Fady Express Cargo Services!
Fady Express, Freight Services was established in Sudan (Khartoum) on October 2008 in providing high levels of freight management solutions on a global basis. In the course of our tactical placed global network, we operate services providing for customer needs through Airfreight,Roadfrieght , Seafreight and Logistics.

Our main purpose is to offer competitive services combined with reasonable pricing has established Fady Express as one of the leading global logistics providers. We will carry on to deliver on-time, worldwide services, to our rising customer base. Our services offer solutions on every level, if you require door to door or simply port to port, Fady Express can provide you the services to meet your customers requirements. Call Fady Express today, we look forward to talking to you and giving you the best advise.
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